Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: When sending data to Luminate Online, the preferred_phone (Preferred Phone in the UI) field must contain an expected value.  
Environment: Luminate Online
Version: All


Full error message:

Request contained an invalid value for parameter 'preferred_phone': 'For input string: "field_value"'

Preferred Phone is not intended to store an actual phone number.  It should contain one of three possible values:

  • 1 = HOME
  • 2 = WORK
  • 3 = MOBILE

Note, when sending data to Luminate, send either the numeric value or the text value, but not both.  For example, if you want to send the value for home phone, the value for Preferred Phone must be 1 or HOME, but not both.

Use one of the following fields to store a phone number:

  • 1.  Home Phone
  • 2.  Work Phone
  • 3.  Mobile Phone


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