Product: Omatic Cloud
Description: Instructions on how to resolve the error: <Country> does not support the State field.
Environment: RENXT
Version: All


The ISO for some countries in The Raisers Edge doesn't support state. These are the countries they currently have in their exceptions:
Qatar, Croatia, Switzerland, Singapore, Norway, Jordan, Netherlands, Oman, Austria, Georgia, Belgium

Our engineers are looking into different options to handle this limitation.

One workaround to use is to add a Transformation to the State field in the formula to clear out the value.

1. After processing all records without the State error, go to the Field Mapping page in the formula.

2. Expand the Address section and click on the Transform function on the State field.

3. The Transformation with clear out the data in the State field for the records remaining in Exceptions

4. After processing all records, go back into the formula and remove the Transformation so that the State will be imported and populated properly for countries that support the State field.

NOTE: If you are importing a blank value for State and are still seeing the error, check to make sure the existing address on the constituent record does not already have a State populated. While updating the address, the state value will not be removed and can therefore cause this error. The field will need to be manually cleaned up.