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Description: Instructions on how to round up a numeric value
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There may be times when calculating a numeric value that you need to round up the value to the last digit.  For example, if performing a calculation and the result is 16.797, you may need to format this number to 2 digits after the period and also have the value rounded up.  In the example above we would expect the value to become 16.80.

One field logic that is available is Number Formatting. This logic allows a user to define a specific format for a numeric value. A new checkbox has been added to this field logic that allows the user to define if the a number should be rounded up if the last digit in the format is 5 or greater.

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Below is an example of a calculated value, the calculated value formatted with round up checked and then in the last column, number formatted without the round up checked.


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You can see that rows 2 and 3 have the round up applied to two decimal places.

NOTE - There are many different types of numeric formatting available.  In order to allow the round up to function properly, the number formatting of 0.00 or 0.0 or another along similar types will work.  However, others will not.  A format of "C", which is for currency, will not round up.  If you need a currency symbol applied, you can format the number first and then choose to append the currency symbol at the beginning of the value after the formatting.