Product: ImportOmatic, Omatic Cloud, Engaging Networks Connector
Description: Provides details about the time of day Engaging Networks makes their previous day's data available to sync
Environment: All
Version: All


Engaging Networks data becomes available for synchronization through their API on the next day after it is entered. This is to allow time to properly complete the process.

The specific time that the data sync begins is 3:00 AM ET. It typically takes less than an hour to complete.

This can have an impact on the data Omatic users will be able to sync with their systems of record. For example, if the organization/user is based in London, we would advise running a formula/profile after 9:00 AM BST. This will allow sufficient time to access the data from the previous day (8:00 AM BST plus one hour to ensure the sync is completed).

Users can determine the time by using a time zone conversion tool, comparing Eastern Time to their own time zone.