Product: Omatic Cloud
Description: Discussion on how records are pulled into a formula based on a RENXT List
Environment: RENXT
Version: All


Constituents in a RENXT List are pulled based on the modification date. The last_modified/date_modified is determined when a Constituent was last modified via a Constituent List in RENXT, not when the Constituent itself was last modified. The field used to filter an RENXT List is not visible to see in RENXT. Please reference this Blackbaud article regarding the limitation:

How does Omatic filter the records coming from the Blackbaud Constituent List?

When pulling records from a Blackbaud List in the API, it is not possible to filter on a list and a date range at the same time. Therefore, Omatic Cloud pulls all records from the list first, then it filters on the last_modified/date_modified field described above. This enables the user to filter based on the date range they have selected in Omatic Cloud. As each constituent comes back from the list, there is a check to see if the date_modified is less than the start time, minus 30 minutes. If the date_modified is less than the start date, minus 30 minutes, we don't return it. If the date modified is greater than the end date minus 30 minutes, we don't return it.

Why the 30 minute delay in pulling records?

We take into account the 30 minutes, because there is up to a 30 minute delay in refreshing lists in RENXT. This way, we make sure we get every record over time - if not on this run, then on the next one.

Example: Constituent met the list criteria at 3:15. The constituent doesn't appear in the list until 3:30 because there is up to a 30 min delay in the SKY API for updating lists. Omatic formula is run starting at 3:20. That constituent would not be pulled into Omatic Cloud because it was added to the list less than 30 minutes ago. At 3:35 the Omatic formula is run again. This time the record would appear in Omatic Cloud.

There are only a small number of changed records in my list, but it's taking a long time to import. Why?

If the list has a large number of constituents in it, the formula could take a long time to run. This is because Omatic has to look through the entire list of records and filter out just those that were recently modified.

Why did all my records get pulled into Omatic from the list?

If the list was created during the date range selected in Omatic Cloud, all records will be included due to the records being modified during that date range.

For more information on Constituent Lists in RENXT, please contact Blackbaud Support.