Product: Omatic Cloud
Description: Using Omatic Cloud with Web View Gift Management (Gift Batch)
Environment: RENXT
Version: All



RENXT Gift Management is the web view equivalent of database view Gift Batch. For the purposes of this article, web view RENXT Gift Management will be referred to as "Gift Management" and database view Gift Batch will be referred to as "Batch". While Gift Management has different capabilities than Batch, it can support many of your business processes. Gift Management takes advantage of Omatic Cloud's intuitive design and automated gift processing. 


How to send gifts from Omatic Cloud to Gift Management

Mapping the formula:

  1. Map the “Batch Number” field to on the Gift object in your formula with the desired Gift Management Batch Number. If importing data to more than one Batch, use transformations to assign Batch Number values to the gifts. 
  2. Omatic Cloud will match to existing Batch Numbers; if the Batch Number does not exist in RENXT, a new Batch will be created.
  3. Map the “Batch Description” field which will only be used when creating a new Batch. Existing Batch descriptions cannot be changed.

What happens if I map data in my formula that isn't supported by Gift Management?

These records will be sent to the exceptions bucket with an error that explains which fields inhibit the record from being added to Batch.

Can I see my Gift Management Batches in database view?

Gift Management Batches are visible in database view once they are "Approved" or committed.

What is available in Omatic Cloud for Gift Management?


Omatic Cloud supports importing to any value that Gift Management supports. These include: 

  • Gift Types: Donation, Other, GiftInKind, RecurringGift, and RecurringGiftPayment
  • Split Gifts
  • Soft Credits
  • Custom Fields (Attributes)
  • Acknowledgment Letter Codes
  • Recurring Gift Schedules
  • Fundraiser (Solicitor) Credits
  • Gift Code

RENXT Gift Management does not support the following:

  • Gift Types: Any not listed above
  • Gift Notes
  • Defining the Gift Lookup ID (this could impact the ability to match to Recurring Gifts)
  • Linking to Membership
  • Linking to an Event/Participant
  • Linking to Opportunity
  • Pledge, Pledge Payments, and Pledge Installments
  • Honor/Memorial and Tribute information
  • Benefits
  • Receipt Stack

These RENXT Batch features are also not supported by RENXT Gift Management:

  • Batch Templates
  • Batch Control Report
  • Business Rules
  • Global Changes
  • Validation of additional required fields on a gift record. Gift Management only validates Name, Amount, Gift Date, Type, Payment Method, and Fund
  • Automatic distribution of a gift
  • Creating gifts for Pledge overpayments
  • Currency Exchanges

These reports are not supported in Gift Management, but can be run in database view once a Batch is approved:

  • Batch Log
  • Deposit Ticket
  • Validation Report
  • Pre-Transmission Report
  • Credit Card Report
  • Gift Summary and Detail Report

How does Omatic Cloud Improve RENXT Gift Management?


  • Send default values to the Batch

Omatic Cloud can pre-define values that need to be applied to every record. We can also dynamically add or change values with transformations. This can be used in place of default sets, which aren't available in web view.

  • Improve the speed of gift entry 

In Omatic Cloud, all gift entry happens via an import. You can send data directly from your source or an Excel file to RENXT.  

  • Templatize import values

Replace database view Batch templates by organizing data in Excel and importing to Gift Management with Omatic Cloud.

  • Accurate matching and preventing duplicates

Omatic's unique matching algorithm ensures clean data entry and enables you to review and edit the match, if needed, prior to sending the data to Gift Management.

  • Support for offline Recurring Gifts without a token

If you supply a gift type of “Recurring Gift”, an exception is created within the batch that says a token is required. To approve the Recurring Gift without a token, open the batch within NXT, select the gift with the exception, and then click Save. This will bypass the exception and allow the Recurring Gift to be approved.

  • Support for linking payments to Recurring Gifts

Although manually linking payments is not possible in Gift Management, Omatic Cloud enables you to send Recurring Gift Payments to Gift Management. Map the "Linked Gift ID" with the Original Recurring Gift Lookup ID and Omatic Cloud will link the gift to the Original Recurring Gift. You will not be able to see that the gift is linked within the Gift Management Batch. However, after approving the Batch, the payment will be linked to the Original Recurring Gift as shown on the Constituent record. The Gift can be linked by the Lookup ID or the System Record ID.