Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution presents instructions on accessing your DonorDrive Credentials

Environment: All

Versions: All


In order to connect Omatic Cloud to DonorDrive, you will need access to your DonorDrive Login Username/Password, DonorDrive Instance Name, and Profile Alias.  Please DO NOT SHARE this information with our implementation team ; simply have it readily accessible in preparation for implementation.

Required Datasource inputs:

  1. Username- Your DonorDrive login username
  2. Password- Your DonorDrive login password
  3. Instance Name- The DonorDrive client instance name. 
  4. Profile Alias- Alias for the Export Profile you want to access

  • User needs a DonorDrive administrator account with API access enabled. API users must also have appropriate permissions applied to their user groups, which can be managed in the administrative area under Control Panel.
  • If your User Group does not have permission to access the Reports module, you will not be able to access data through the Export API. 
  • Create an Export Profile: Omatic Cloud queries DonorDrive using export profiles. To set up an Export Profile that can be accessed through the API:
  1. In the DonorDrive admin, click the Reports tab.
    2. Select the appropriate data type under Data Exports.

    3. Under the Profiles tab, click 'Create a Profile'.

    4. Enter a Profile Name. This name will only appear in the DonorDrive admin.
    5. From the Available Fields list, select the fields to include in the export.
    6. Add any applicable Filters (optional).
    7. Add a Result Order (optional).
    8. Update the Time Zone (optional).
    9. Select the Date & Display.
    10. Select Yes or No for 'Is this profile private?' Choose 'No' to make export available to other users.
    11. Enter an API URL Alias. This is required to access the profile via API. The API URL Alias can be whatever you want it to be.
    12. Select Save Profile.