Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution presents instructions on accessing your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Credentials

Environment: All

Versions: All


In order to connect Omatic Cloud to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you will need access to your SFMC Client ID, your Client Secret, and your subdomain. Please DO NOT SHARE this information with our implementation team; simply have it readily accessible in preparation for your implementation.

Please use instructions here to create an Installed Package, and these instructions to get your API information. Please note the integration type is server-to-server integration. 

  1. Go to Setup
  2. Apps -> Installed Packages
  3. Add a new package "Omatic Cloud"
  4. Check all scopes including "Lists & Subscriptions"
  5. In the "Access" tab - "Enable Integration for Omatic" and "Enable All Business Units"