Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution describes how to resolve the error "Invalid data error. The address you entered already exists for this constituent."

Environment: BBCRM

Versions: All


This error occurs because the constituent in BBCRM already has multiple address records that match to the criteria specified in the formula.

For example, if selecting to match to existing records based on Address Type and there are multiple address records in BBCRM with the same type, Omatic Cloud cannot determine which address to match to and will throw this error.

Adding additional criteria, such as Address Lines or Postal Code will allow the existing address to be found and updated.

Another cause of this error can occur if there are multiple address records with the same exact address. This is a BBCRM constraint and will need to be manually cleaned up.

Attempting to add another address with the same data through BBCRM will give the same error.