Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution describes how to pause a formula

Environment: All

Versions: All


Once you have scheduled a formula to run (not used for flat file formulas), that formula has a Status of Active, and it will run on the schedule which you set while building your formula. To see the status of your formulas, navigate to the Integrations/Formulas tab, you will have a column labeled Status, this will show you whether a formula is Active or Paused:

If you would like to pause a formula, find the formula that you would like to Pause, and select the 3 dots next to the formula name under the Action column:

A pop up screen will appear, select the Pause button:

Another pop up screen will appear asking to confirm whether you would like to pause data collection, select Yes, pause data collection:

Your formula is now paused and will not collect any records unless you Start the formula or Run once.