Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution outlines how to create or refresh your Salesforce Sandbox

Environment: Salesforce

Versions: All


We recommend the use of a Sandbox or Test Environment when you are setting up your formulas in Omatic Cloud to make sure your data is flowing as you expect before moving to Production. Salesforce has a number of different types of sandboxes, and you may already have sandboxes in your organization. You do not need a specific type of Sandbox, we can use anything from a Developer Sandbox to a Full Sandbox.

We recommend using either a new Sandbox that is specifically for this purpose or refreshing an existing Sandbox, once you are certain that this is not being used by anyone else in your organization.

You can follow these steps to create a new Sandbox. Please make sure when creating this Sandbox, if you are using a Sandbox template to include all the objects which are currently in use in your Salesforce. This will ensure that we are able to access the correct objects and fields, and that any automations or other processes that you have setup will work as expected.

If you are going to use an existing Sandbox, we recommend that you refresh your Sandbox. This will ensure that any changes that you have made in Production since this Sandbox was created or last refreshed are in your Sandbox. This article will show you how to refresh your existing Sandbox.

If you have any questions about Sandboxes please see this article or reach out to Salesforce Support.