Product: Omatic Cloud

Environment: BBCRM/Emma

Description: this solution explains why you would see records with a status of "Active" in your formula mapping un-subscribes to BBCRM via the Emma Un-subscribers to BBCRM Constituents formula type

Versions: All


When using the Emma Un-subscribers to BBCRM Constituents formula type, you will be prompted to select whether you want to search by Groups or Subscriptions

If you search by Subscription, Omatic Cloud will return Emma contacts that have opted-out of subscriptions. 

If you search by Group, Omatic Cloud will return Emma contacts that have opted-out of groups. 

You may notice that Omatic Cloud is returning individuals who have a status in Emma of "Active." This is because an Emma contact might've opted-out of a particular group or subscription, but didn't globally opt-out. 

For example, this contact has opted-out of individual subscriptions (which you can see highlighted below). But, they did not opt-out of all communications, so they still have a status of "Active."

How to only import contacts with a status of "opt-out"

If you decide you only want to import communication preferences for contacts that have a status of "opt-out" (i.e., you do not want to track individual subscriptions, just the overall status), you can utilize the Add if not matched function. Please follow the steps outlined below:

Note: in the scenario below, we will be mapping to Solicit Code in BBCRM.

  1. Navigate to the Constituent / Solicit Code section
  2. Map Status to Add if not matched
  3. Next, click the gear icon, and select Transform
  4. Apply a transformation to say:
    • If Status = opt-out, then Add if not matched = true
    • If Status = active, then Add if not matched = false

What will happen here is if the Emma contacts status is opt-out, it will add the Solicit Code. If it is active, it will skip adding the solicit code.