Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution presents instructions on resolving the "Standard Date Filter" Settings Error

Environment: All

Versions: Salesforce


When sending data from Salesforce to an endpoint, you have to reference a prebuilt Salesforce report. In Salesforce, some reports have a Standard Date Filter by default, which allow you to customize the date range. However, some standard reports do not (like Campaign reports). In Omatic Cloud you are unable to use a report that does not have a standard date filter. In order to have a Standard Date Filter, you will have to create a custom report type in Salesforce. Please follow the instructions below to create the custom report type.

  1. In Salesforce, navigate to the Setup page
  2. In the quick find box, type in Reports, then select Report Types
  3.  Select New Custom Report Type, and fill out the required fields
    • Primary Object
    • Report Type Label
    • Report Type Name (auto populated)
    • Description
    • Store in Category
  4. Select Deployed, then Next
  5. Add your related object in section B
  6. Click Save

After you have created your Custom Report Type, you will be able to customize the date range in the report filter settings.