Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution discusses sending Individual and Organization gifts from TeamRaiser to Salesforce/RE NXT

Environment: Salesforce, RE NXT

Versions: All


You can use Omatic Cloud to send both Organization and Individual gifts into your System of Record. The available Luminate settings for Team Raiser Gifts in Omatic Cloud are:

  • Individual gifts only - use this to exclude any TR organization gifts 
  • Org gifts only - Use this to exclude any TR individual gifts
  • Individual & Org gifts (combined) - this includes all TR gifts

Note: Address fields for Organizations are in a unique block called "Organization - OrganizationAddress"


Salesforce - Requires two formulas

 Accounts and Contacts must be imported separately. Therefore, you will need two separate formulas:

  • Import TR Gifts to Accounts - select the setting for "Org Gifts Only"
  • Import TR Gifts to Contacts - select the setting for "Individual Gifts Only"


Click here for more information about mapping Salesforce Opportunity fields:

RE NXT and BBCRM - Requires one formula

For these Systems of Record, we can map both Individuals and Organizations in a single formula.

  • RE NXT: Luminate TeamRaiser Donations to RE NXT - select the setting for "Individual & Org gifts (combined)"
  • BBCRM: Luminate TeamRaiser Donations to BBCRM Constituent Revenue  - select the setting for "Individual & Org gifts (combined)"



ImportOmatic Luminate Connector:

For backwards compatibility, ImportOmatic always includes be both individual and organization gifts. Individual Gifts and Org gifts must be imported separately in IOM, because the fields are mapped from different locations. To import this data, you will: