Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution explains the different formula types for moving data between Emma and BBCRM

Versions: BBCRM/Emma


When setting up your formula to send data between Emma and BBCRM, you have several different formula types you can choose from:

Note: the formula type you select will determine what is available for mapping. 

Subscribers: This formula type will allow you to sync subscriber data from Emma Email lists into BBCRM. 

Unscubscribers: This formula type will allow you to sync unsubsciber data from Emma Email Lists into BBCRM.

Note: in choosing the Subscriber or Unsubsciber formula type, you will be prompted to search for that data by Groups or Subscriptions. You can select All current active subscription(s)/group(s) and any future active subscription(s)/group(s) or select from current active subscription(s)/group(s). 

Email Campaign Activity: This formula type allows you to sync email activity from Emma to BBCRM.

Note: in choosing the Email Campaign Activity formula, you will be prompted to either choose from All current active Campaigns and any future active campaigns or select from current active Campaigns only. 

You will also select activity type(s) to include. You can select all current activity type(s) and any future activity type(s) or you can hand-select activity types you want to include by checking select from current activity type(s) only.

BBCRM Constituents: This formula type allows you to send constituents from BBCRM to Emma. Please note in order to use this formula type, you will have to create a query in BBCRM to reference.