Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution presents instructions on connecting Omatic Cloud to a locally hosted BBCRM site 

Environment: BBCRM

Versions: All


When BBCRM is hosted on a network that is not accessible from public internet traffic (or located behind a firewall), there are a few options for connecting Omatic Cloud to BBCRM instances on the protected network.

Option 1: Omatic Cloud can optionally be configured to only communicate from a static set of IP addresses, allowing the network configuration to be updated to allow inbound port 443 traffic from the IP addresses Omatic provides to the BBCRM hosts.

  • IP address: 

Option 2: Omatic has the ability to set up a VPN gateway from Omatic's cloud-hosted application into your network. To support this option:

  • Verify your VPN device is on Microsoft's list of validated VPN devices
  • Verify your VPN device has a public-facing IPv4 address Omatic can use to set up a "site-to-site" connection