Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution presents a pre-onboarding checking for Omatic Cloud for Altru

Environment: Altru

Versions: All


Administrative Tasks:  

  1. Provide your organization’s initial two Omatic Cloud administrative users (first name, last name, email address). These users will be responsible for adding your organization’s additional users. There is not a limit to the number administrative users that can be added to Omatic Cloud.
  2. It is recommended you create a new user account for your Omatic Cloud integration in Altru called "Omatic Cloud Integration." This user will be used to connect Altru to Omatic Cloud on your connectivity call. This user must have supervisor rights. If using smart fields, make those visible to the user as well. Once the user is created, test the ability to access, run, and see query results prior to your first call.  

    • Create the new user account with a resource email that you can access with your organization's email domain (for example, “Omatic@[organizationdomain]”).
    • If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Blackbaud Support. 
  3. If you plan to connect to an external system (connector), please follow these instructions on obtaining your API and login credentials.
  4. Please complete and return the OC Pre-Training Survey (attached below) to your Project Coordinator.  
  5. Please complete and return the OC Mapping Decisions document (attached below) to your Project Coordinator.

    Explanation: What fields do you want to capture from your external system (first name, last name, email address, etc.) and where do you want to put those values in Altru. 

    • For an external system (connector), consider what aspects of the system you are using and provide initial mapping decisions for each of those data flows (i.e. constituents, groups, email campaigns, etc.) 
      • Please note, for each type of data flow you plan to build, you will need to either have live or test data available. Live data is preferred for more accuracy in your integration formulas.

Prepare Your Database (Required):

If you have questions or need assistance with any of the tasks below, please contact Blackbaud Support.  

  1. Setup and Alternate Lookup ID in Altru with the Type "[your email system] ID"
    • For example, "Mailchimp ID", "Luminate ID", etc.
  2. Add an Altru Appeal called "[your email system email]" 
    • For example, "Mailchimp Email", "Luminate Email", etc.
  3. Create a Response Category in Altru called "[your email system] Response."
    • For example, "Mailchimp Response", "Luminate Response", etc.
    • Add the following responses to that category:
      • Open
      • Click
      • Unsubscribe
      • Bounce
  4. Make sure that only one record has a specific email as Primary. 
  5. Run a duplicate search in Altru and clean up records to the best of your ability.

Onboarding Preparation Tasks (Required):

  1. Please click here to review this short video that gives an overview of an Altru formula build in Omatic Cloud (7-minutes). 
  2. Create a query folder in Altru called "Omatic Integration" and within that folder, create two types of source queries (click here to review a knowledgebase solution). These queries should be based on your organization's specific needs and which constituents you’d like included in your integration data flows:
    • One query includes your records that should be added to your email system as subscribers.
    • The other query includes records that should be updates to unsubscribers in your email system.

      Please note: For all source queries, the unique Omatic Cloud Integration Altru User (referenced above) must be able to run all queries in the “Omatic Integration” query folder. Additionally, 
      records in source queries cannot have a shared email.