Product: List Management
Description: How to create a task set to add attributes to list records  

Environment: All  

Version: All

Profiles for use with List Management must be created within ImportOmatic Configuration just as any other profile that would be used in ImportOmatic is created.  The key difference would be a setting in the processing rules found in the profile navigation pane.

 Follow the instructions below to tell IOM that the profile should only be used with List Management:

  1. Add the profile that you will be using or open the existing profile.
  2. Select and Highlight the General Settings processing rule in the profile navigation pane.
  3. Select the check box under "List Management" labeled "This profile is for List Management.

For more detailed information regarding ImportOmatic List Management, please refer to the User Guide for List Management.

For adding a “Task Set” to put an attribute on a record, open Configuration and select “Workflows” on the left navigation pane.




There you need to select “Add” under “Task Sets” and name it.


After you have entered the "Task Set Name" select “Add attribute”.




This will take you to another screen where you are required to select a “Category”. The other options are not necessary but can be filled in.


Once you have created and saved your task set, open your List Management.


Highlight the list members to which you would like to apply the task set, right-click and choose “Apply task set”.


Choose the desired task set from the drop down in the pop-up window and click “Apply”.

Another option for applying your task set is by opening your profile within Configuration.

Select "General Settings" and check the box "This profile is for List Management". 

Then select "Apply task workflow after import:" and choose which task set to apply. Save and Close.