Product: Omatic Cloud
Description: This solution describes the differences in the Pre-post / Post Report between Omatic Cloud Post to GL and PostOmatic

Environment: Raisers Edge

Versions: All



  • There are different options for Create Pre-post/Post Report and Create Exception Report that needed to be selected
  • Preview of the report would display as a popup
  • Report fields are Fixed: limited fields in report (gift batch number, gift type, GL account number, debit or credit amount, gift date, post date& reference)
  • Report is generated as a .pdf file

Omatic Cloud Post to GL

  • Reports are always generated and do not require additional options for Pre-post/Post Report or Exception files
  • Reports are created in file settings location (no preview)
  • Report fields are Flexible: contains fields that are relevant to your post file
  • Report is generated as a .html file


When you run Pre-post with the Omatic Cloud format, there is no on-screen display / preview of the reports. Instead, the files are created in the file settings location and you get this prompt:  



The Pre-post report is now a .html file that can be opened with a browser:  



The .html format is more robust and flexible in its ability to display fields that are contextual to the data that is included in the post file.