Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution presents the link to find the new features and updates in Omatic Cloud

Environment: BBCRM

Versions: All


The Omatic Cloud BBCRM integration pulls data out of BBCRM and pushes data into BBCRM using BBCRM web services that provide access to various BBCRM features. When Omatic Cloud accesses BBCRM, it must provide a username and password for an application user that has been configured with the necessary permissions in BBCRM.  These application users are visible on the "Application users” page, accessed via the “Administration” functional area under the “Security” group: 


As a best practice, the Omatic Cloud application user should be set up as a dedicated application user.  A person's user account should not be reused. Provisioning a dedicated user account a "service account" allows limiting the permissions of the Omatic Cloud application user and provides better traceability when reviewing the actions taken by the Omatic Cloud application. It is not recommended that the Omatic Cloud application user be configured as an administrator in BBCRM, since this provides more access than is necessary for Omatic Cloud to do its job.   

Omatic has created a BBCRM system role with the necessary permissions for Omatic Cloud to extract data from and import data to BBCRM.  

To assign the Omatic Cloud application user the necessary permissions: 

  1. Download the system role from the provided link attached to this solution.
  2. Import the system role to BBCRM using the "Import role definition" task on the "System Roles" page, found under "Administration" > "Security".
  3. After importing the system role, there should be a new system role named "Omatic Cloud Role".
  4. Open the system role's page in BBCRM and assign the Omatic Cloud application user to the role.



As Omatic Cloud supports additional BBCRM functionality, the system role posted on Omatic's site will be updated with permissions to access the new features. If the system role has already been imported, it can be re-imported and it will update the existing “Omatic Cloud Role” with the updated permissions. 

(System role last updated: 02/19/2021)