Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution explains how the Opportunity Owner assignment works using Omatic Cloud

Environment: Omatic Cloud / SalesForce

Versions: All


After you run a Gift import using Omatic Cloud, the owner of the Opportunity will be automatically assigned. The assignment is based on whoever initially authenticated Salesforce. For example, if John Smith set up the connection and logged into his Salesforce instance to connect Omatic Cloud to Salesforce, all new records synced (regardless of the user) will be in John Smith's name. 

If you have multiple employees at your organization running syncs, and you want the Opportunity owner to be the same as whoever ran the sync, you will need to map that users ID in your field mapping. Please follow the process below to map the appropriate user ID:

  1. In Salesforce Lightning select your profile image on the top right, then click 'Settings'
  2. Select 'Advanced Settings' on the left hand side under 'My Personal Information'
  3. Locate your Salesforce User ID. You can either use the 15 or 18 character ID
  4. If you are using an API connected formula, navigate to your field mapping and then scroll to the Owner ID in the Opportunity Object section. Select 'Define' and then enter your User ID
  5. If you are using a flat file formula, you can either define the value, or add a column to your file for Owner ID. If you add a column to your file, be sure to map it on the data mapping page

If you want all Opportunities to be owned by the same person regardless of who runs the sync, you will need to re-authenticate your connection with Salesforce. You will then login as the user who you'd like to be the owner of the Opportunities. Please follow the process below to re-authenticate Salesforce:

  1. Navigate to the Data Sources tab, then select the pencil icon on the Salesforce data source card
  2. Select 'Reset Connection'
  3. Login as the user you'd like to be the Opportunity owner on all Opportunities moving forward