Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution covers how to map GAUs and Allocations to Salesforce NPSP

Environment: All

Versions: All

Video instructions: Click here


In the field mapping, scroll or jump down to the General Accounting Unit section. Here you will see two sections: one to define the General Accounting Unit, and one for the Allocation. In the General Accounting Unit section, start by selecting your matching preferences. It is recommended that you match GAUs on the General Accounting Unit Name.

Next, define your first General Accounting Unit Name. To do this, locate the General Accounting Unit Name in the destination field column. Then, select Define from the drop down, and enter your GAU name. In this example, I am defining my GAU name as 'General Operating Fund.'

If the General Accounting Unit does not exist in Salesforce, Omatic Cloud will create it. 

Now, you will instruct Omatic Cloud on how much of the donation should be allocated towards the GAU. You can use either dollar amount or percentage. If you have both mapped, Omatic Cloud will use percentage. 

If your data is coming through with one row of data and two fields or columns defining the allocation, you'd create two sets of allocation mappings. So, when transactions are coming through on a single line, Omatic Cloud will add the gift and allocation in one pass. 

If your data is coming through with multiple rows of data and a single field or column defining the allocation, you'd create one set of allocation mapping and it would then create the opportunity. If a single transaction comes through on multiple lines, Omatic Cloud will run through each row separately. It will first add the gift with the first allocation, then update the gift and add the second allocation. 

To add additional GAUs and allocations, you will select Options then click Add another GAU. This will automatically add a section for the allocation as well.