Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution presents the required steps to sync data from Luminate Online to your CRM.

Environment: All

Versions: All


In addition to preparing your CRM for integration, there are additional steps you need to take in Luminate Online to ensure success. 

  1. Add Omatic Cloud's Microsoft Azure IP address to the Luminate Online API Whitelist
  2. To enable easy troubleshooting during your onboarding, we also recommend adding Omatic Support's IP addresses to the whitelist:
  3. Follow the instructions in this knowledge base article to get your API credentials which will be used to connect Omatic Cloud to Luminate Online
  4. Create an API user in Luminate Online 
  5. We recommend considering the following data cleanup processes prior to integrating: 
    • Review and merge duplicate records
    • Review code tables, custom fields, and allowable values 
      • Example: your database allows users to enter "cell phone" or "mobile phone." Familiarize yourself with the different data types then utilize the functionality within Omatic Cloud to transform the data into Salesforce to streamline the results within Salesforce
  6. Create a custom field on the Contact object in Salesforce to track the Luminate Online Constituent ID
    • Step 1: Select the Text field type, then click Next
    • Step 2:Enter the field details
      • Field Label: LO ConsId Omatic
      • Length: 10
      • Field Name: LO_ConsId_Omatic
      • Check the 'External ID' checkbox, then click Next
    • Step 3: Set the field-level security, then select Next
    • Step 4: Add the custom field to page layouts, then click Save