Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution is a walk through on how to transform data

Environment: All

Versions: All

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The data transformation feature gives the user the ability to take a value provided and change it to something more relevant and understandable. For example, let's say the data you are looking to import contains states that are not abbreviated. In your system of record, all of your states are abbreviated. You can use a transformation to take the spelled out states and change them to a two letter abbreviation. 

On the field mapping screen, locate the destination field for state. In this example, we are mapping to Mailing State/Province. Click on the gear icon.

Next, select Transform. The data transformation box will pop up, and this is where you will enter the values you'd like to change.

In the What will be written to Mailing State/Province, you will enter the values you would like to appear in your system of record. In the What is provided by Supporter State, this is where you enter the values that you'd like to be transformed. 

If you want to add additional variants to be transformed, you can select Add another possible value. 

To add additional replacement values, you will select Add row on the bottom left hand side of the box. 

Keep in mind, as you add the values Omatic Cloud will work through your transformations from top to bottom. If the output is not what you are expecting, try rearranging your list.