Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution describes which fields can be mapped when sending data to Altru

Environment: All

Versions: All


The following fields can be mapped when sending data into Altru.

For more information on mapping data fields in a formula, please see this Knowledgebase solution.


System Id 

Alternate Lookup ID 

Lookup Id 

Title 1 

Title 2 

Last Name 

First Name 

Middle Name 

Suffix 1 

Suffix 2 

Maiden Name 


Marital Status 



Email Type 

Email Address 

Make Primary Email 

Email Start Date 

Email End Date 

Do Not Email 

Email Info Source 

Alternate Lookup ID 

Alternate Lookup Type 

Alternate Lookup ID 

Constituent Address 

Address Type 

Address Is Primary 

Address Lines 

Address City 

Address State 

Address Post Code 

Address County 

Address Region 

Address Country 

Address Do Not Send Mail 

Address Do Not Send Reason 

Address Do Not Mail Reason 

Address Info Source 

Address Info Source Comments 

Address CART 

Address DPC 

Address Type 

Address Historical Start Date 

Address Historical End Date 

Address Seasonal Start Date 

Address Seasonal End Date 

Constituent Appeal 

Info Source 


Constituent Appeal 

Appeal Mailing 

Appeal Date Sent 

Appeal Comments

Appeal Response

Appeal Response Date 

Appeal Response Category

Appeal Response Response 

Constituent Attribute 

Attribute Category 

Attribute Value 

Attribute Start Date 

Attribute End Date 

Attribute Comment 

Solicit Code 

Solicit Code Code 

Solicit Code Start Date 

Solicit Code End Date 

Solicit Code Comments 



Constituency Date From 

Constituency Date To 



Interest Comments