Product: FindOmatic

Description: This solution describes how to find and promote List Management list members when importing gifts to a batch

Environment: Blackbaud Hosting

Versions: and higher



Beginning with IOM version in Blackbaud hosting, the ability to use FindOmatic to search in the barcode field in Batch is no longer supported.

When importing through an ImportOmatic profile instead of a List Management profile, any matched records are automatically promoted to a full constituent. The List Management records can be matched by finder number, name, or the fields set up in duplicate criteria.

List Management members can still be found and promoted in Batch when imported through ImportOmatic, rather than manually keying the finder number into the barcode field in Batch.

1. Create an excel file and enter the finder number along with the other pieces of information about the gift and donor

2. Create a profile and map the Finder Number to Constituent > Bio > Finder Number

3. Map the other fields in the file

4. Under Gifts, select to import to Batch

5. Import. IOM will find the list members, promote them, and add them to the batch along with their gift

Refer to the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.