Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution describes how to opt-in contacts for GDPR after processing the records to Mailchimp

Environment: All

Versions: All


When sending over new contacts, Mailchimp marks them as opt-out by default if you have GDPR settings enabled. The ability to specify the status of marketing permissions is available in the Mailchimp API, but it requires you to know the ID numbers of each permission type.  There is no way for a user to see these ID numbers, which renders these fields unusable via the integration at this time.

NOTE: Any existing contacts that are already marked as opt-in will not be overwritten to be opt-out.

After sending over the contacts, create a segment to find contacts added today and export that list. Use that list to import the marketing permissions back in to opt-in those contacts. For more information on importing lists, please contact Mailchimp Support.

1. In the Audience, go to Manage Contacts >Segments and create a segment for Date Added is a specific date <today's date>. You can also do this weekly, monthly, or a different cadence and changing the parameter from Date Added is to Date Added is after.

2. Click on Preview Segment

3. From the preview, click on Export Segment

4. Using the subscribed_segment_export file, add each marketing permission to the Marketing Permissions column and copy that value down

5. In the Audience, go to Add Contacts > Import Contacts

6. Select CSV or tab-delimited text file 

7. Browse to the subscribed_segment_export file

8. For the Marketing Permissions column, click Edit and select Marketing Permissions from the drop down and save.


9. Click Continue to Organize

10. Check the box to Update existing contacts

11. Click Continue to Review

12. Click Import