Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution describes how to resolve the error: Error Retrieving Records when pulling from Altru

Environment: All

Versions: All


On the data queue card you will see an error message that says:

Error Retrieving Records

There was an error retrieving your records. Please double check your login and API key in the Data Source information.

It will look something like this:

Steps to Resolve:

1. This error can occur when pulling records from Altru and there's an issue with the source query. 

Client action to take:

  1. Ensure the Omatic Cloud user has the proper rights to the query criteria. For example, if attributes are included in the query, the user needs permissions to attribute categories. 
  2. There needs to be a Sort field applied in the query.
  3. c. For further information for setting up queries please refer to this article How to Set Up the Source Query in Altru

2. The Username and Password for the Altru user are not valid.

Client action to take:      

  1. Verify the credentials for the user in Altru and enter the username and password for Altru on the Integrations/Formulas tab in Omatic Cloud.
  2. For further information about setting up a user please refer to this article How to Create an Altru User for Omatic Cloud
  3. For further information about logging into Altru please refer to this article How to login to Altru

3. If the above steps do not resolve your issue please note that there is a known issue where Blackbaud is blocking the Omatic Cloud IP addresses. The Omatic team has escalated to Blackbaud and we are actively working with their team to ensure there is a resolution. You can reference this Blackbaud Knowledgebase article.

Client action to take:

  1. Please file a ticket with Omatic Support and Blackbaud Support with the results of the above steps taken to ensure the team knows it is related to this known issue and not an authentication issue. Request that they unblock your IP address for you to continue to reprocess your records.