Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution discusses the options for finding and matching records

Environment: All

Versions: Altru

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After you have mapped your data, you will be taken to the matching settings page to instruct Omatic Cloud on how to search for duplicates in your destination. The goal here is to cast a wide net. We are trying to find as many potential duplicates as possible, and then you can narrow the results down later.

If your source contains an ID, it is recommended to attempt matching the records using ID. If not, please select No ID matching. 

Omatic Cloud can also search for records based on name and email fields.

By Email Address OR First Name and Last Name is recommended because it casts the widest net.

By Email Address, First Name, and Last Name is restrictive because the record needs to match on all three.

By Email Address only does not take name into account.