Product: Omatic

Description: This solution describes the options available for triaging records

Environment: All

Versions: All

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The record triage page allows you to decide which records will be sent automatically to your destination, and which may need more of your attention. 

New Records (No matches found, based on your matching decisions)

  • You can stop to review these records that will be added as new and flag as Needs Attention
  • If you do not need to review these records, you can flag as Ready

1:1 Matches (One match found)

  • You can flag as Needs Attention to always stop and review these records before matching 
  • You can send records to Ready if they match on selected fields
  • You can send all single matches to Ready

1:Many Matches (Multiple potential matches found)

  • You can look for exact matches in selected fields. If a single match is found with those fields, the other potential matches will be discarded

Capitalization counts as a data difference (Matched records only)

  • Select Yes to stop and see capitalization differences between matched records
  • Select No to send the record to Ready and decide which casing to send to the destination

For records flagged as Ready

  • You can review these records before sending them to the destination
  • You can automatically send the records to the destination

NOTE: The default selection is to Review records first. This feature is enabled the first time you edit a running formula.