Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution describes how to map fields in a formula

Environment: All

Versions: All


On the Data Mapping screen, the column on the left displays the fields in the destination. In the center of the screen the source fields will be found.

To map a source field, click in the drop down and select either Mapped or Defined.

Use Mapped to bring over values from the source. Click in the search box to find the field name with the values. For example, when processing email addresses from Altru to Mailchimp, select Mapped and then Email address.

Use Defined to supply the same value for every record being processed. Click in the search box and type in the value to bring over. For example, every Mailchimp record will have a status of Subscribed.

Use the Gear to access Data Transformation options.

You can clean up your data by applying proper casing, lower casing, upper casing, as well as adjust the date and time or postal code formatting. You can also transform your data. For example, you can translate many different values into one single value. 


You can translate a certain value from your source to a certain value for your destination. For example, Mailchimp requires a value of subscribed for the status, but Altru may output a value of active.

If you are mapping to multiple objects, you can use the "Jump to section" on the bottom of the screen to easily navigate to a different object for mapping.