Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution describes how to create a new formula

Environment: All

Versions: All


View a short video on these steps here!

1. From the Data Queue, click on the Start Setup button

2. Select your CRM system

3. Enter the credentials for your CRM system

4. Click in the drop down for Select a data source and select the system you're integrating with

5. Enter the credentials for the data source. The fields needed vary based on what the data source requires for connection

6. Select the formula for the type of data moving between the systems and give the formula a name

7. If updating data from Altru, the next screen will present a list of queries to select as the source.

8. Select how to match to records in the destination system. It is recommended to add an ID so that the ID can be matched on subsequent processes.

9. In Data Mapping, you will indicate the fields that are being sent to the destination. The left side of the screen shows the Destination Fields and the center shows the Source Fields. You can Ignore the field if you don't want any data moving to that field. Select Mapped and then the field from the query or Defined and enter a value that will populate for all records in that field. For example, if you are sending over Unsubscribers to Mailchimp, you can Define "Unsubscribe" to the Status field in Mailchimp. The right side of the screen shows example records from the source so you can see how the data looks before processing.

10. Choose how often to collect the data. Omatic Cloud can collect data continuously and reach out to the source every 5 minutes to collect records. You can also Schedule data collection to run weekly or daily.