Product: ImportOmatic Connector for DonorDrive

Description: This solution discusses why the Gift ID that is imported into The Raisers Edge looks different from the Gift Record ID in DonorDrive

Environment: All

Versions: All


The IOM Connector will shorten the Record ID so that it can be imported as either the gift's Gift ID or Gift Import ID.  The ID is translated into a unique value so that it will not potentially match an existing gift in The Raiser's Edge.

For example, the Original Record ID in DonorDrive is 1968650B-E924-186B-D24FE641DFAA510F , but when it is brought in through IOM it goes into RE as '9¼`V;`U'3-¥¿§6ÇK$|?

The original DonorDrive ID is still available as Original Record ID if you wish to import it as a gift attribute.  If you need to later process refunds, using the DonorDrive Record ID as the Gift ID or Import ID will allow you to import the refunds as gift adjustments. 

Note: Do not map the DonorDrive Original Record ID to the RE Gift ID or Gift Import ID - it is too long for the field and will result in an error.  Use the Record ID instead. 

Refer to the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.