Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution describes how to create a user in Altru to use with Omatic Cloud

Environment: All

Versions: All


When using Omatic Cloud to integrate between Altru and other systems a new Altru user will need to be created.

This should be a unique username for the integration (not an existing user's), with a valid email address assigned that everyone can access, just in case you need to reset the password. 

This should also not use a Google Account to log in, as Omatic Cloud cannot log in with Google. Contact Altru support for help creating a user that does not use a Google Account.

Required: "Development Data Entry (Custom role for Omatic)" system role plus any roles necessary to see the fields contained in the query or that you want to write to when sending data back in to Altru. 

For example:

- Membership data requires "Membership Manager"

- Attribute data requires "Attribute Categories"

- If there are any smart fields in the query, follow these additional steps to make those queries visible to the integration user:


It is highly recommended to login to Altru as the username created, and ensure you can view, run, and edit the queries you want to use.  It's also helpful for the setup and testing to mark the queries as "favorites" so they're easier to find.  If you cannot access the query, there's a system role missing somewhere and Altru support can assist in making the query visible to the user.  (Try doing this in a different browser than you normally use, to avoid linking your own username with this new one via Blackbaud's Single Sign-On system, or ensure you are totally logged out of Altru before opening a new tab to test.)

Adding Altru User to Omatic Cloud

For a new Altru connection, follow the instructions in this Knowledgebase article.

To update an existing Altru connection, follow the instructions in this Knowledgebase article.