Product: ImportOmatic Connectors

Description: This solution describes how to install connectors when hosted by Blackbaud

Environment: Hosting

Versions: All


The following connectors are approved for use in all Blackbaud's hosting environments:




Gravity Forms

Luminate Online



Volunteer Hub

When hosted in Blackbaud's COLO data centers such as Boston or Orange County, typically the connector's files are saved in your hosted content folder. That folder is mapped in ImportOmatic's general settings. That process is described in our user guide.

In Blackbaud's Azure environment, however, IOM is not able to read the files that are saved in the Shared Tenant F: Drive. For that reason, the files need to be saved locally in a folder on the user's desktop. This location is then mapped in general settings, as described in our user guide. There appears to be an issue with reading shared network drives while in Azure, so if multiple users will need to use a connector it is recommended to have your network administrator create a mapped drive. This mapped drive can then be selected in general settings.

Refer to the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.