Product: MailOmatic for Accounting

Description: This solution describes how to send a vendor pre-note email

Environment: All

Versions: All


When adding a new EFT bank to a vendor record, typically the status is Pre-note and it's a good idea to send an email to verify the bank details before starting to make payments.

1. Create a Vendor query with the criteria EFT status equals Pre-note

2. Open the MailOmatic for Accounting Settings

3. On the Vendor Pre-note tab, click the button to Edit Pre-note Template and create the email message

4. After saving the template, back on the Pre-note tab, select the vendor query and click Get Results

4. Right-click on a recipient and select to Preview email

5. It is recommended that you choose to change the EFT Status and payment type 

6. Click Send Notifications to send the emails

Refer to the MailOmatic for Accounting User Guide for additional information.