Product: ImportOmatic Connectors

Connector: Luminate Online

Description: This solution describes how to resolve the error: Error: An Error Occurred Showing the Connectors Configuration: The Component 'Luminate.Views.Settings.EventSettings' Does Not Have a Resource Identified by the URI ' /Luminate;Component/Views/Settins/EventSettings.xaml'

Occurs when two sets of each connector source appear in the Import drop down

Environment: All

Version: All


This issue is caused by the connector being installed in two different locations. Only one instance of the connector may be installed on the workstation. 

1. To determine where the program sees a second instance of the connector installed you may run a trace log within IOM

2. Once that alternate location is located. Delete the installed Luminate.Api.dll and Luminate.dll.

3. You will then check the file path set in the "Custom Connector Folder" The file path for the "Custom Connector Folder" located within ImportOmatic > Configuration > General Settings must be mapped to the location where the latest connector is installed.

*The standard on premises IOM Connector for Luminate file installation path is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Blackbaud\The Raisers Edge 7\Plugins\IOMExtensions\Luminate