Product: PosPay

Description: This error occurs when the date for a voided check occurs prior to the date selected within the Positive Pay Settings

Environment: All

Version: All


1. Open The Financial Edge

2. Select Accounts Payable from the Module drop down menu

3. Select Banks from the navigation pane in The Financial Edge

4. Select the correct bank from the "Select a bank account" drop down at the top of the Banks view

5. Select Edit Account Details which is located under "General Tasks" in the Banks view

6. When the Bank Account edit account details view is open, select the small drop down arrow to the right of the "Create Positive Pay Files" button located at the top right of the view.

7. The menu options for the drop down will appear and you will select "Positive Pay Settings"

8. In the Positive Pay Bank Settings window that appears, select the check box labeled "Include checks voided since"

9. The date field will become editable. Select a different date that will include the voided check in question. 

10. Save the changes and run the Positive Pay file again to resolve.