Product: All

Description: This solution lists information related to moving to the Blackbaud Hosted environment

Environment: Blackbaud Hosting

Version: All



ImportOmatic is a default plugin in all of Blackbaud's data centers, therefore you do not need to reinstall ImportOmatic.  ImportOmatic profiles, dictionaries, and settings are saved to the Raiser's Edge database, so they will carry over to Hosting with the rest of your data when Blackbaud loads a copy of your database.  However, make sure that you Do Not Update ImportOmatic beyond the version that is approved in the Blackbaud Hosted Environment prior to the move.


If you are using ImportOmatic Connectors, you no longer have to install them separately. Existing connector profiles will need to be converted to the Cloud version of the connector. 

Serial Number/License

If you are transitioning to RE NXT, your database serial number may change.  Please send a screenshot of your RE serial number to after the transition is complete. We will use this information to provision your license, ensuring you maintain access to ImportOmatic.

Output Files

If you would like to map your error and exception files to a local shared drive, please ask Blackbaud Hosting to "Enable Network Drive Access" for your organization.  If you do not request this option, you will only be able to output files to the Blackbaud Hosting Files Folder or your local computer (not your shared network).  You may need to update the output file location in your ImportOmatic settings and profile settings. 

File Paths

Export file paths will need to point to your Contents folder in Hosting or local drive (if shared)

Error and exception files will need to point to your Contents folder in Hosting or local drive (if shared)

Custom Templates (Specific to FE NXT)

Statement Templates (MOMS/MOMA): Save a copy of your custom statement template. Do not open the statement and choose "Save as", instead copy it from the current location and paste to a network folder. If it's already saved in a network folder you don't need to back it up again. You will want to upload the pdf statement template in the Contents folder in Hosting, and choose this location in Settings


If you have configured ImportOmatic to send an email when an import completes, you will need to update the SMTP credentials to use Blackbaud's SMTP email server.


Scheduler is not available in Blackbaud Hosting.