Product: ImportOmatic
Description: Invalid date exception occurs when importing with DonorDrive Connector
Environment: All
Version: All


On 10/5/2015, DonorDrive released an update that changed their date format to YYYY-MM-DD. This impacts the way that dates display in the Admin area, the way that dates export from DonorDrive and the way that dates are handled via the API.

To format the dates correctly for use in The Raiser's Edge, you can use apply a Dictionary to the date field in your ImportOmatic profile. This regular expression will remove the timestamp and format the date from YYYY-MM-DD to DD-MM-YYYY: 

Replacement Value: $2-$3-$1
Value to Match on: (^\d{4})-((?<=-)\d{2})-((?<=-)\d{2}).*

For more information on how to create a dictionary, please see this solution.

It is important to note that when you are using a regular expression, you must highlight the indicated Replacement Value and select the check box at the bottom of the Replacement Value pane "Use Regular Expression". Checking this box will tell the dictionary to allow the use of the regular expression.