Product: SegmentOmatic
This solution describes how to resolve the error: “Error loading constituent query: Incorrect syntax near the keyword ‘INNER’”
Environment: All
Version: All


This error occurs when a static query is used as an exclusion within SegmentOmatic.


If you are unable to change your query to a dynamic query (for example if it is the result of merged queries) you can attach your static query to a dynamic query to use for exclusions.

  1. Create a new dynamic query.
  2. Within the query click on Tools ->Query options->Record processing and put a check mark next to select from query.
  3. Select the magnifying glass and search for your static query and select it.
  4. Hit Okay on Query Options.
  5. Save your query, keeping it in dynamic form.
  6. Use this query as your exclusion query for SegmentOmatic.