Product: ScoreOmatic
Description: This solution discusses the Score Preview screen
Environment: All
Version: All


The Preview option allows you to view and verify scoring results before committing them as attributes.

Select whether to view records sorted by score or alphabetically

You can view up to 200 records at a time. Use the left/right arrows to the next/previous page of records

Enter all or part of a name next to Find and click the search button to find matching records. Use the refresh button to clear the search filter

Click on the down arrow next to a constituent to expand the detail and view the points awarded for each item in the scoring scheme

Click on the open folder icon to open the constituent record

The summary displays the lowest, highest, median, and average scores

Click Export to create a .csv file of the results

Once you are satisfied with the preview, click Commit to write the attributes to each record. Click Close to close the preview without creating attributes.

For more information regarding this product please see the ScoreOmatic User Guide.