Product: ScoreOmatic
Description: This solution describes how to calculate a score on a query of records
Environment: All
Version: All


Calculate and apply total scores for selected constituents using the scoring scheme defined in a profile on the Score tab.
  1. Click the ... button to select a constituent query
  2. Select the profile that has been configured with the desired scoring scheme
  3. Select the constituent attribute that will be used for assigning a score. Note: only text attributes can be used for recording scores
  4. If using an attribute category that has been used previously, select Always add a new attribute to add another attribute. Clear this option to update existing attributes
  5. Indicate the desired attribute date
  6. Click Preview to calculate scores and view scoring totals per constituent as well as a scoring summary for this run. You may then choose whether or not to continue with the attribute creation
  7. Click Score to calculate scores and write the attributes without previewing

  For more information regarding ScoreOmatic, please refer to the ScoreOmatic User Guide.