Product: N/A
Description: This solution describes how to locate the windows event log
Environment: All
Versions: All

  1. Recreate the error in RE/IOM
  2. Note the time on your workstation that the error happens.
  3. Go to the Start menu and select "Run"
  4. In the run command type: eventvwr 
  5. Select Run or Enter
  6. When it loads in the left hand pane, select "Windows Logs", then select "Application"
  7. The log will be at the top of the view, look for the exact time noted in step 2. Click on that event in the top pane, it will load it in the bottom pane. 
  8. Once the bottom pane is populated (may take a moment to load), there will be two tabs available. One will be General and the other will be Details.
  9. Click on Details then right click anywhere in the loaded page area. This will give you a right click menu, choose "select all", then right click again and select "copy". 
  10. Paste the contents into a word document and send back as an attachment to your reply.