Product: MailOmatic for Accounting
Description: This solution describes how to resolve an image loading error when adding an image to an email template
Environment: All
Version: All

  1. Open MailOmatic for Accounting from the Plug-Ins area of FE/EE
  2. Select the Settings Button
  3. Select the Email Templates Tab
  4. Select and Open the Email template in question by double clicking or highlighting and selecting the Edit button
  5. Select the Image icon in the tool bar of the email template view
  6. In the Image Properties window on the General tab select the drop down next to "Decorative Image", select a value of Yes
  7. You can re-insert the URL that was previously entered in the "Image URL (Required) field.
  8. Select Ok
  9. Select Save and Close
  10. Select Save Settings

For additional information on inserting images, please see this solution.