Product: PosPay
This solution discusses how to prevent older, higher check numbers from coming in to the PosPay file
Version: All


Sometimes older checks with a higher check number range will be in The Financial Edge. These older checks don't always need to be included in the PosPay file.

PosPay looks at the last starting check number and includes every used check number after that for generating the file. A max check number will need to be entered in Settings to prevent the old checks from coming in to the file.

1. Open the bank record
2. Click on the down arrow beside the PosPay macro and choose "Positive Pay Settings"
3. Enter the number just below the start of the higher check number range. For example, if the higher check number range starts with 100001, enter 100000 in the max check number

For more information, please reference the PosPay User Guide.