Product: ImportOmatic with Scheduler
This solution describes what can be found in the body of the confirmation email
Environment: All
Version: All


Email title: Import Complete (IOM Constituent Code Import: C:\Users\Joe Matic\Documents\Import Files\Cons_Codes.csv 2/1)

Email body:

Processed 2 rows added/updated 1 constituents and 0 gifts.

1 rows produced exceptions and were exported to an exceptions file. Below are the first 20 or less exceptions

IOM Version: RE Version: 7.95
Profile: Constituent Code Import
ImportOmatic Error File
Import File: C:\Users\Joe Matic\Documents\Import Files\Cons_Codes.csv

Master ID Source: Raiser's Edge

Line 2: Invalid Code table entry: Code [Object: 'CConstituentCode', PK: '-1', Import ID: '', Desc: 'Omatic Fanatic', Field: 'Code', Value: 'Omatic Fanatic'] -->BBREAPI.CRecordClass.Save()-->#=qj4IHkh$mRjQ_djbRtv_exucsyPjaHlaJ7lu25drTjWI=.#=qPLWkxP2D0aBDnAyPtK8egQ==()