Product: MailOmatic for Schools
Here is a check list of items when your organization is moving to Blackbaud Hosting.
Versions: All


We have to let Blackbaud Hosting know to install it to your site. Please contact our Sales team at

There are some settings within MailOmatic for Schools that need to be updated:
  1. Paths: Error and exception file and default data file will need to point to your Contents folder in Hosting
  2. Statement Template: Save a copy of your custom statement template. Do not open the statement and choose "Save as", instead copy it from the current location and paste to a network folder. If it's already saved in a network folder you don't need to back it up again. You will want to upload the pdf statement template in the Contents folder in Hosting, and choose this location in Settings
  3. SMTP settings: In order to send out emails through MOMS, you will need to use an SMTP server from Blackbaud Hosting. Contact Support after setting up MOMS, and we will get the settings to you.