Product: MailOmatic for Schools
This solution describes how to send a general email without a statement or report card attached.
Environment: All
Version: All

  1. In the MOMS window, for Report Type, select "Student Billing (or Registrar's Office): General Email".  "Report Format" will remain grayed out.
  2. Select the query of recipients in Recipient Query. This query can be an output query, or a user-defined query created in the Query module.
  3. Click Show Results.
  4. Choose the email template from the drop down at the bottom.
  5. You can add an attachment if you like with the link to the right.
  6. Select All, or pick and choose those to which you would like to send the email.
  7. Preview at least one email, and click Send Emails.

For additional information regarding MailOmatic for Schools, please visit the MailOmatic for Schools User Guide.