Product: All
Description: User logs in to RE/FE/EE in Blackbaud's Hosting environment and their Omatic Software products are no longer visible. They were previously available and usable.
Environment: Hosted
Version: All

Answer:  First determine which link for RE/FE/EE you used to log in to the program. If you used: the BBNC (Blackbaud NetCommunity for RE), the OCC (Online Campus Community for FE/EE), or the OLA (Online Admissions for FE/EE), link then any Omatic products that are located in Plugins will not be available for use. Plugins are suppressed, by Blackbaud, in the BBNC/OCC/OLA links. You must be using the "regular" RE/FE/EE link to see plugins.

If you are not logged in to one of the links listed above, where plugins are suppressed, then this issue must be resolved by Blackbaud Hosting Support. Please contact Blackbaud Support and give them the following information:

  1. Your Blackbaud Site ID
  2. What Omatic product(s) you can no longer see, and which Blackbaud product each one works within.
  3. Be sure to indicate that you previously had the software and were using it and that it is suddenly gone now.
  4. It is helpful to Hosting Support if you can stay logged in to the session where you do NOT see your Omatic links anymore as they can trace your session and find the server with the issue very quickly. This will speed up the resolution time.

If you are unable to get this resolved by contacting Blackbaud Hosting Support, please contact Omatic Support and we will reach out to them on your behalf. Please provide the Blackbaud case number you were given so that we can reference it.